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On Tuesday evening, the Düren Süd-Ost district council met for the third time with Mayor Frank Peter Ullrich to discuss current issues in the district. Since the regular contact to politics and administration of the city is very important to us, these meetings take place approx. every 6 months. The aim of the meetings is not only the mutual exchange of information but also the intensification of communication between the district representatives and the administration of the city of Düren.

Yesterday evening, the following topics were discussed.

  • Status of the measures in the BIFF Park
  • the area of the football field in Pastor-Lüpschen-Straße
  • Information on the deconstruction of Euskirchener Straße
  • Results of the social space conference (Sozialraumkonferenz)
  • Residential development in Düren East
  • Traffic and parking situation in the Sattelite Quarter
  • Status of the situation at St. Boniface Elementary School
  • Inadequate communication between administration and stakeholders in the district affected by measures

We would like to thank Mayor Frank Peter Ullrich for the good preparation to our questions as well as all participants for intensive and constructive discussions on the above mentioned topics.