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Vacation action of the Mobile Youth Work in the Biff Park

by | Apr 13, 2022 | BIFF-Park, social topics, Youth work | 0 comments

New graffiti wall in BIFF Park

Young people and the Mobile Youth Work Düren South-East of the parish St. Lukas have extended the graffiti walls in the Biff Park on April 11th.
Youth culture is an important topic for the youth work and graffiti is also one of the many topics. Therefore it is also supported and promoted by the youth work.
Hand in hand with the young people the materials were procured, invited and then processed.
On 14.4. and 19.4. from 15 o’clock a Graffitiworkshop with an Aachener artist from the scene takes place suitably.



SBC Lehmann

SBC Lehmann

Mitglied der Stadtteilvertretung. Wohnt und Arbeitet im Bereich Düren Ost. Naturwissenschaftler, Fotograf und Webdesigner.


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