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A fresh wind blows through the district

by | Mar 18, 2022 | Dueren Sued-Ost district council, General | 0 comments

After our website has unfortunately been idle for a few years, a new, mostly voluntary, team of five members of the district council Düren Süd-Ost came together at the end of last year to change that.

We want to completely rebuild and redesign the public relations work of the district council in order to create a few different contact points for all residents in the district.

The annually published “Stadtteilmagazin Düren Süd-Ost” gave the go-ahead at the end of last year. It appeared for the first time in a fresh new look. Fittingly, it’s now our website’s turn.

We envision the website becoming a central point of contact for all interesting information in the district. As before, we will also inform you about our work on various social media channels. We will continue to reach you offline about current topics and offers in the district with the usual letter boxes such as flyers and the annual district magazine.

We would be very pleased if you visit us regularly and of course we are always happy to receive your constructive feedback on our offer.

Sincerely, your neighbors from Düren south-east


SBC Lehmann

SBC Lehmann

Mitglied der Stadtteilvertretung. Wohnt und Arbeitet im Bereich Düren Ost. Naturwissenschaftler, Fotograf und Webdesigner.


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